JAPAN - 日本

Miami, Fl 09/8/2021

It is a musical production inspired by the life of a Samurai. Is made from the perspective of a kind and loving being.

A journey through music, from the sounds of the wind to Okinawa.

The "Samurai", although they are warriors of ancient Japan, in this production, they are seen from their discipline and humanity.

Executive Producer: Mango Estudios Miami

Original music by Victor Castillo

Recorded at Mango Studios

Invited artist:

Backing vocals: Yomi Ascacio

Graphic art: Sivka Giunta

Artistic production: Milagros Salazar

"Japan" was recorded, mixed and mastered at Mango Studios Miami between June 2021 and September 2021

Immersive Mix, Remastered and Released Exclusively at BandCamp Sep 8, 2022

©2022 ASCAP Victor Castillo & Milagros Salazar

Music Digital Distribution

The project is now available on all major digital music distribution platforms such as Bandcamp, YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple, amazon and more.

Victor Castillo

Victor Castillo, with more than 40 years of experience and recognized career as a music producer specializing in advertising and marketing. Victor Castillo and the composer Milagros Salazar, release the album "Japan".