The house in the Sky | CEU


The house in the Sky | CEU [Version IMMERSIVE SOUND]

Using the most advanced professional audio techniques we achieve a 3D|360° surround sound of this song, which is one of our favorites.

"The house in the sky" is a triad of ideas that begins with a spectacular acoustic guitar suite, then we get on the ube where the house in the sky is and close with the rhythmic explosion that returns us home.

We are CEU, progressive rock oriented band influenced by bands like Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, Happy the Man. Rich keyboard melodies with sounds and textures with classic sounds in combination with new sounds with a complex rhythmic base.

Released September 9, 2022 | ©2022 CEU | ASCAP | Miguel Angel Echevarreneta, Gerardo Uvieda & Victor Castillo

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